You can easily reach us via our direct WhatsApp line for ease of communication 24/7 via +234 811 993 2905

Yes. These are FinRik’s verticals hence, they are directly related to FinRik

You can reach us via our dedicated Whatsapp line to connect with our management team for quotations.

Yes. Our team of product and project managers, as well as developers, are dedicated to building your infrastructure from ideation to execution.

The demand for building your website or any other software needed is essentially not a fixed cost. We value your input in our negotiation hence, you will get the best services without breaking the bank. 

The cohort lasts for 8 weeks

The classes are 100% online and are recorded to ensure students can access the classes in real-time.

Yes! FBS gives students certificates to mark the completion of their nano degree.

We charge an affordable interest rate of 15% from 7 days to 3 months duration.

We offer all ticket sizes from as little as N10,000 to N1,000,000

You can access credit at any time of the day by reaching us via our dedicated WhatsApp line +234 811 993 2905